The Five Levels of User Engagement

Opening an app and clicking a like button or a star representing how satisfied they are with the product are easy tasks. Let’s face it, many users will only write a story about their experience if the product or service negatively impacts their lives. Highly engaged users are usually happy to share their experiences and even help teach other customers how to make the most out of the product. Here are the four types of user engagement. The Contextual Engagement Context includes understanding the “why” behind a customer’s engagement. Technology is the liaison that helps marketers better understand why consumers react to their products in a certain way. For example, customers who engage with a brand at a particular time of day may do.

The Engagement of Convenience

The Engagement of Convenience The engagement of convenience is self-explanatory. Many businesses add convenience to the shopping Iraq B2B List experience to increase user engagement. Think about it. How many people use the Walmart app to do their grocery shopping? It takes the guesswork, time, and effort from the shopping experience. All they have to do is select the items they need on the app and drive up to the designated section of the store to pick up their food. They don’t even have to get out of their cars. Walmart associates bring their food out and put it inside the car for them. Customers who don’t even want to pick up their groceries can order them on Amazon or Instacart.

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The Emotional Engagement

While grocery shopping online is a newer way of shopping, it has grown dramatically in a small amount of time. Customers share their experiences with these companies. All of the customer feedback is used to improve user engagement. If the Mobile Numbers engagement of convenience can be utilized in a business, definitely use it. Consumers may choose a product or service based on convenience versus a need. How often have you purchased something at your local Dollar General Store that wasn’t what you usually use because you didn’t want to go to Walmart for one thing? The Emotional Engagement Many business owners miss the mark by not taking into account emotional engagement. Since humans are emotional creatures, creating convenience and relevance of contextual.

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