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Use content formats to your advantage Understand the specificities of each channel and content formats , giving preference to those that the audience consumes most and that Instagram itself delivers best. Think with me: Reels may be more suitable for top-of-the-funnel content — a faster, more relax and possibly “viralizable” message. Story is very good for middle or bottom-of-the-funnel publications — about the company ’s routine and behind-the-scenes, for example. Additionally, there is the possibility of publishing static images, carousels, live streams… To increase your reach and engagement , keep your followers interest by using a.

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Variety of content formats and also asking them to share, send a message, react, etc. By doing this, you also provide them with a more engaging experience ! So always remember to test new formats and features to find out what works best for your brand. OK? Tip: Content for Instagram: ideas to apply! 10. Interact with the public As important as publishing is interacting ! Pay attention to messages in direct, don’t delay in special data responding to comments and, in Story, use stickers such as question boxes, tests and polls . What can also be done is to automate responses to your audience by creating chatbots for Instagram.


Run ads on Instagram Did you know that Instagram ads can help you take your Digital Marketing strategy to the next level? I’m talking about a powerful tool for reaching new customers and increasing sales! This is because, by setting up your advertising account and creating ad campaigns target to your target audience , you increase the impact of your brand. Just as there are a variety of content formats, on Instagram Mobile Numbers there are also a variety of ad formats , including images, carousels, videos… This allows you to experiment with different advertising styles to see what works best.

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