It connects directly to ad exchanges

When users view targeted advertisements, cookie data is collected to provide personalized advertisements. CCPA and GDPR require the user to understand the content for such guidance.


  • Provides the lightest solution.
  • Registered in accordance with the Consent Framework and IAB Transparency
  • Offers free integration with AdEngine
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant
  • Regularly updated to stay secure and comply with new rules and requirements

Snigel: Major Features

#1. header offer

Snigel’s Header Bid Stack helps you increase your revenue with the help of AdEngine. It’s fast and connected to major ad platforms like Amazon TAM and Google Open Bidding.

With this function, you get:

  • Client-side and server-side header offerings
  • AdBlock revenue recovery
  • Third Party Cookie Overrides
  • AMP integration
  • Real time reports
  • AI Bid and Pricing Optimization
  • AI anti-malvertizing

#2. Native video

Snigel’s native video solution enables Chinese UK Phone Number List publishers to publish high-quality video content to provide a revenue stream by adding value to users.  and major SSPs to make sure you get everything you need out of print.

Native Video Offerings:

  • Instream y outstream
  • In content and floating
  • Up to 10x higher CPM showing ads
  • User engagement and longer time on site

#3. Next-generation ad formats


Special Database

You can enhance your user experience with Snigel’s state-of-the- Mobile Numbers art ad formats. It offers responsive ads, parallax units, and interactive quiz units.

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