Issue Getting New Traffic to Your Website

A common blockage point for many businesses is found at the top of the funnel – getting found online. If you can’t even get a dialog start with your potential customer, you won’t ever have a chance to sell to them.

A common misconception for some entrepreneurs is that people will come to it automatically if you build a website. With all the pressure of Kenya B2B List today’s always-on lifestyle, most buyers experience serious information overload. The most valuable commodity they have (that you want) is their attention and time. You won’t get their attention if you just build a website and hope it will spread and go viral – today, this simply isn’t reality.

Now is the time to get to know some of your client’s concerns and motivations.

Potential Concerns
Want to avoid wasting time on something that’s not relevant or valuable immiately.

If your site doesn’t appear on the first page of Google

Theys have a problem and want a solution.
Friends have recommend a product, and they want to check it out too.
If something is offer free, and it is valuable, then it is something they want.

They want to learn more about something, even if it is unrelat to what you offer.
They trust the consulting firm, individual, or review site is an expert and wants to know what they say about the product or service.

Theys like sites that ucate and entertain them on topics they are passionate about
If you want to get people to pay attention to you, you ne to think about giving them something valuable, which will help you earn their attention.

Email List

Issue: Getting Customers to Sign-Up or Register

Another common issue with today’s Saas Sales funnels or conversion funnels, occurs when you want visitors to register or sign up for something.

Again, start by looking at their concerns and motivations.

Potential Concerns
Some of the potential concerns in this area include:

Customers don’t want to give out their email addresses because they fear spam emails.
Some distrust businesses and vendors with their email.
The information is personal, and it takes time to look at emails.
You want customers to put time and effort into trying a product.
Common Motivations

They have a problem and want a solution.

Thes site has enough positive feback that the product is worth their time.
Theys care about finding Mobile Numbers the best options in the industry.
They want to impress others with their purchase.
Theys are passionate about something and want to learn more.
Some good marketers discuss the time to the “wow!” moment. Be sure to discuss how long it takes for a customer to get to the “wow!” point.

If this is your strategy, it may be time . to try a different strategy. a good .strategy is to ensure .they experience the “wow!” moment .before asking them .for anything.

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