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And all it takes is a quick search on the subject to find countless information about the famous algorithm, but staying ahead of changes seems difficult since, all the time, new tools and content formats are creat. It is not? This is because the Instagram algorithm is design to display the posts that are most relevant and interesting to each user , bas on several factors, such as: Information about the publication itself (date, location, popularity — likes, comments, etc.); Previous engagement of the user with the profile they publish; The user’s main interests bas on previous interactions, including with other profiles.

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But don’t worry, this is far from everything and shouldn’t be your main focus! Here is one of the most new data important tips I have to give you: your company will have much better results if it focuses on the quality of its content . If the algorithm’s function is nothing more than to distribute content that interests users, it will not be your enemy if you know what to share! In other words: the more they like and interact with your publications, the greater the chances of them appearing in your followers’ fe — and the greater the chances of guaranteeing the engagement you’ve been dreaming of ! Another tip is that, if you start using each new tool launch, like Reels a few years ago, Instagram will prioritize your presentation.

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Stories on Instagram The time that a single content holds the attention of those who see it is also taken into account , demonstrating that it is of value and, automatically, its delivery becomes greater. To help you, below I’ve list 13 tips on what nes to be done before starting — and as you progress — with Digital Marketing on your company’s Instagram. This is not an impossible task, but with my tips, it will certainly be easier to achieve good results . Check out! Digital Marketing Tips on Instagram 1. Define your goals Do you want to sell more? Establish a closer relationship with your customers ? Make your company Mobile Numbers known throughout Brazil? Or all of that? Thinking about these questions will help you align the content with your purpose.

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