Important Things to Do After Publishing

You know, writing a blog is very tedious..

After working hard to publish the best blog articles for your readers, you must be eager to move on to the next topic, right?

I know that time is golden and you still have many more posts to write and content to produce.

But wait a moment…

There are other things you should do after publishing the article

Previously I wrote a checklist before publishing an article , so Phone Number List today I will help you double the potential of your article with 9 tactics that you should do after publishing the article.

InsyaaAllah this will ensure that your article reaches the right people after it is published to the public.

1. Reread and revise
I’m sure you’ve taken the time to proofread your article before publishing, but believe me you’re bound to miss something.

Sometimes it is not related to spelling/grammar errors, but the written sentence still does not reach the true meaning.

Maybe it didn’t fit your style all along. Or there are inaccurate facts.

Maybe your title still lacks ‘punch’ .

We must fix this matter.

Reading aloud helps you spot these imperfections.

No matter how well you promote your article, if your article is full of errors, then you will lose credibility.

2. Make a connection with an old post.
This method is like a double-edged sword.

Kata orang putih, kills two birds with one stone.

If you produce a lot of evergreen content that always gets links and shares from time to time, then you can take advantage of these old posts to drive traffic to new posts.

Review your popular posts and find ways to include links to newly published posts

Phone Number List

Why is this so important?

This method will not only increase the Mobile Numbers amount of traffic, but it will:

improve the structure of your blog.
strengthen the overall authority of your blog’s internal pages.
giving seo influence to the latest article
In short, it will create a strong SEO framework to your blog properly

I have provided a complete guide to building internal links the right way.

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