If there is fraudulent and bot-driven.

Many publishers rely heavily on SEO to get more traffic. And they don’t have time to A/B test their ad placements. To do this, Snigel helps you improve your  rank and optimize ad revenue. Snigel’s experts can maximize your ad design, web vitals and visibility.

GDPR and CCPA compliance

Your commercial ads will consistently and easily comply with Google’s CCPA, GDPR and EU User Content Policy. Snigel’s AdConsent allows users to make decisions about which ad targeting levels they want to access and ensures that the website will remain compliant with regulations.

#6. Publisher Payment Information

Snigel pays all of its publishers on a NET 30 basis, which means activities completed in a month plus 30 days. All payment is made by bank transfer. It supports USD and EUR so that publishers around the world can take advantage of the partnership.

Snigel: Publisher Eligibility Criteria

Snigel partners with a wide range of publishers in different niches, but works extensively with gaming, education, automotive content, music, and technology. Generally, as long as publishers run or open to display advertising and get at least 2 million page views every month, Snigel can easily help them generate more revenue.

Snigel has some eligibility criteria for its publishers:

  • Snigel incorporates those publishers whose Business Owner Phone Numbers List have high-quality and unique content on their site along with high traffic from different sources.  traffic, Snigel will shut down the association.
  • Snigel evaluates the websites of publishers that generate approximately $50 per day. However, you can consider websites that make less than $50 per day, but must have growth potential and post high-quality content.

To onboard a publisher

Special Database

Snigel first checks the publisher’s business, audience, and site. It is absolutely important to know a publisher’s priorities, such as growth, revenue, user experience, and more. Ask about publisher Mobile Numbers goals and expectations along with recent benchmarks.

Therefore, publishers partnering with Snigel can increase their ad revenue by more than 30% of their current ad revenue.

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