how to define your advertising strategy in 5 steps?

The keys to a good facebook advertising strategy through the 5 steps that we will see below, you will be able to create an advertising strategy that is suitable for your business. Therefore, effective. 1# analyze the current situation the first thing we have to do before starting any campaign is to analyze our current situation. What do I need right now? In which area of ​​my business do I need to grow? Is there something I need to boost? Probably. I am a start up and I need my potential clients to know me. I need to bring more traffic to my website so that they can see the entire catalog of products in my ecommerce. I need to increase sales. I want people to install my app. Let them visit my premises.

The keys to a good Facebook advertising strategy

I need to interact with my potential customers, offer UK Business Fax List them a personalized service… Let’s give a concrete example , so we will follow it throughout the explanation: “We are a travel agency and we want to increase our sales. We have verified that our newsletter has a very high conversion rate, so we want to increase our database. We also know that conversion in our physical stores is still high , so improving our awareness for the summer / high season will also help us.” facebook ads: 5 steps to define your advertising strategy on facebook starting from here, we already have a clearer context and objectives, so we can start defining our campaigns.

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Analyze the current situation

In this case, the most appropriate according to Mobile Numbers our objectives would be: notoriety lead generation website conversions facebook ads: 5 steps to define your advertising strategy on facebook 2# define the basics how will we measure the effectiveness of our campaign? -> we have to look at or define the appropriate kpis. How much can I spend? -> we will have to mark a budget/presupuesto. How long will my campaign last? -> we have to set start and end dates consistent with the objectives set.

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