Buyer Persona – How to Create One?

Below you will find an example of a persona template that will allow you to create an image of your ideal customer. We successfully use this template during meetings with our clients.

Here’s what we’re asking for:

  • Career – job, industry, company type, reporting line, skills and tools.
  • Personal – age, education, location, family, hobbies.
  • Behavior – how they learn, use the web, research, internet and social media.
  • Goals at work.
  • Challenges at work.
  • How can we help them achieve their goals/overcome their challenges?
  • Typical quotes and questions – what would they say on first contact? What do they want to know? What do they need help with?
  • Common Disclaimers and Notes.
  • Why is this person choosing you? Why is he coming back?

You should be able to answer many of these questions right away, especially if you work directly with clients yourself.

If not, ask your sales team to get involved – not only will they be able to give you insight into your ideal personas, but they’ll probably have fun doing it too.

If there’s information you can’t complete, talk to soprocess Phone Number List willme customers or send a survey. The more you know, the more effective your communication will be.

You can use one of many free templates to present your marketing personas.

You can also use web apps like Xtensio to create and export buyer personas .


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Once you have your personas with names, you can start tailoring messages, content and marketing materials for each of them. You can also decide on communication channels that will best reach them.


You discover that Kaśka, a doctor of medicine, spends a lot of time traveling, reads a lot of blogs on her phone and tablet, is mainly interested in strategy and improving management processes. In her free time, she likes yoga.

On the other hand, Marek, the facility manager… overworked and worried about the budget. He likes to learn by watching videos, in his free time he Mobile Numbers  competes in triathlons.

So you decide to target Kaśka through blogging, with the message that your product helps to improve the business in the long run. The design would suggest peace and quiet.

And you prepare a video for Mark, showing him how your product can save money and time by using fast-moving, energetic images.

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