How much does a ct scanner cost discover the value and see how to buy

This is a common question among managers, physicians and professionals. Who are thinking of starting a business in the health field. Investing in a good tomography device increases the competitiveness of a clinic or hospital. But it also has a high cost, which requires diligence and extensive market research to choose the most cost-effective equipment. That is, one that meets needs without sacrificing business finances. If you are looking for the ideal CT scanner, check out some references and insights in the next few lines. Reading the article to the end, you will even see ideas to save with the reports , using telemedicine as your ally. How much does a CT scanner cost? After all, how much does a CT scanner cost. While this seems like a simple question, it can have a myriad of answers.

How much does a CT scanner cost?

And then there’s the difference in cost between new and used equipment. Even used, simple and old models hardly cost less than hundreds of reais . Those who insist on a new tomograph will have to disburse much larger amounts, in the millions of reais. To give you an idea, this report tells that a device capable of producing 64 images per second Croatia Mobile Number List was purchased for BRL 2.6 million for a hospital in Florianópolis (SC), in 2017. The following year, the city of Rio Preto/SP paid around R$ 1.3 million for a simpler tomograph, which performs up to 1,000 exams per month. Later, in 2021, another 64-channel multislice scanner was purchased for BRL 3 million for a university hospital. How to buy a tomograph? It is possible to buy CT scanners directly from the manufacturer or on marketplaces – sites that offer medical equipment from different brands.

How to buy a tomograph?

Often, the most modern models are imported. Which requires an order in advance to avoid delays in caring for your patients. Used tomography. Devices can still be sold directly by offices, clinics and hospitals. With faster delivery. When choosing your tomograph , it is important to observe the following factors. Technology Required: Mosttomography examsrequires basic functionality. Which reduces the investment required to purchase the device. Mechanisms such as Mobile Numbers turnaround time should only be prioritized for complex procedures such ascardiac CT Number of channels and amount of cuts : the more channels and cuts, the sharper the generated images will be. But simple exams can be done using scanners with 16 to 40 channels Devices for reducing radiation doses : these components allow the adjustment of the X-ray beams, increasing thepatient safetyand equipment operator. Next, I present renting as an alternative to buying a CT scanner.

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