Growth Strategy in Traditional Marketing

No matter what people tell you in the digital age, traditional marketing is not dead. Plenty of tactics have withstood the test of time and are still as beneficial today as they were 40 years ago. The one place where traditional marketing is still thriving is in business-to-business (B2B) sales.

Some of your company’s biggest sales are those made to other businesses. Not only are these typically larger sales, but they also tend to be recurring purchases. Every B2B sale you can make will likely be a golden ticket to business growth.

Even one B2B sale could be the difference between a startup sinking or floating. A couple of recurring purchases at a high enough volume could be sufficient to sustain a business. So, these sales are a big concern.

How do you make them?

Do you want to know something interesting about traditional B2B marketing?

Said to account for Why is this? Because Palau B2B List business leaders only tend to trust business leaders about big purchasing decisions. It’s more reliable than a Google search or a company’s sales team.

Now, the keyword there is influence. It’s not the only factor in making sales to other businesses, but it does highlight the importance of providing quality service at an affordable rate. Don’t underestimate the value of WOMM for any of your growth marketing strategies either. However, you can’t rely solely on this.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Make sure you’re marketing directly to businesses as well, especially if your product is needed at other businesses. If your company sells printers, who will need more printers than businesses?

Be proactive and reach out to businesses that could benefit from your services. If your products or services are more of a niche, like massage oils or hot sauce, then it will be obvious which businesses you will need to reach out to. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sale once you’ve talked about your product, but there’s one big concern every business will have.

Email List

Sell at the Right Price

Businesses want to find the right products for the right price, which is most important to them. Not being able to offer the same price as an industry giant is one of the hardest obstacles for a small business to clear.

One strategy could be taking a loss initially for a big enough sale. If you run the numbers and ensure that this revenue will allow you to scale Mobile Numbers your manufacturing or distribution for a cheaper cost, selling these big contracts at a loss to secure the deal could make sense. However, this only makes sense in certain circumstances.

If your company can generate enough revenue from other sales, scaling your manufacturing and distribution should be one of your top priorities. Lowering your wholesale price is an important next step in for growth strategy.

Ask For Referrals

If you manage to secure a business contract, don’t stop there. Pass along some business cards and ask your new client to refer your company’s services to others in the industry. Do your best to nurture these client relationships as best as possible, and don’t ever burn a bridge!

We don’t mean to imply that B2B sales are unique only to traditional marketing. There is plenty of room for s well, it’s just that this is a great place to start exercising your traditional marketing skills.

Other Sales

If you’re making retail or wholesale sales to normal consumers, you should use a few traditional marketing tactics in your overall strategy. Yes, everybody is online, and we’ll talk about plenty of strategies to use in that domain, but you shouldn’t limit your business’s marketing strategy in any way. It’s your number one driver of growth.

Most growth marketers still believe word-of-mouth advertising has the highest conversion rates, which account for over each year. That’s 13% of all sales.

It makes sense when you think about it. Are you more likely to buy sneakers from the thousandth ad you’ve seen online or from where your best friend told you has the best quality for the price and fixed her foot pain? Exactly.

It shows how important providing quality service is to your growth marketing efforts. The better it is, the more highlights you have to offer when making sales.

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