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The presence of the hotel sector in social networks according to a recent study by social media marketing cool tabs in collaboration with hosteltur , these are the figures for the presence of the spanish hotel sector on facebook and other social networks: the 50 main hotel chains in spain (by number of rooms) have a total of 22 million followers between facebook, instagram and twitter. Between january and july 2018, these same brands have posted 218,879 times and garnered almost 24 million interactions. The first positions in terms of followers on facebook belong to meliá hotels international (3.5 million fans), grupo palladium (2.7 million) and barceló (more than 2 million).

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he most followers on social networks Chinese UK Phone Number List the most influential spanish channels on social networks regarding the total number of interactions, the palladium group leads the ranking with 7.5 million, followed by barceló (4 million) and meliá (3.3 million). By comparison, twitter ranks far less prominently in the hospitality industry, with follower numbers more than ten times lower. The hotel chain with the most followers is grupo palladium (295,000), the second barceló (213,048) and the third meliá (150,000).

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Instagram experienced spectacular growth during

The past year, also in the tourism Mobile Numbers sector. In this case, the ranking of chains with the most popular publications in 2017 is led by meliá, with a publication that received almost 18,000 likes. Palladium repeats in second and fourth place, with two photos getting almost 5,000 and more than 3,000 interactions, respectively. Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 11.19.19 the top posts on instagram the content, key for the hotel sector in the networks behind these success figures is a good content strategy , which makes users interact with the brand and fuels its viral success.

If you’re responsible for a hotel brand looking to succeed on facebook, here are some of the most popular travel content among social media users: historical site compilations , e.G. “Europe’s five most sinister dungeons”. Compilations of places and ideas to travel at a low price , which take advantage of the success of low cost formats. You can use cities, restaurants, lists of free activities… The essentials of a tourist destination, for example “What to see in barcelona in 2 days”. The best places to eat a specific specialty or type of cuisine.

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