Facebook Ads what are Audience Network campaigns? (Pill 5)

What is the audience network? The audience network is a network of apps and websites outside of facebook that display ads within their content as native ads. To use this network to advertise, you need to set up campaigns with facebook business manager tools and targeting. By configuring the campaigns correctly, your ads will be displayed in relevant apps or websites outside of facebook for the topic you are promoting. Ads running on the audience network can be both photo and video, and can be displayed across all devices. For example, if your business is a beauty school and you want to advertise professional makeup courses, you can select websites or makeup apps to place your ads, since it is highly likely that the public of these websites will be interested in what you offer.

What is the Audience Network?

Within the audience network are well-known USA Business Fax List publishers such as national geographic, vice, the guardian, to name a few. It should be noted that not everyone can be part of this network as a publisher. But facebook has strict rules that publishers must follow and a series of requirements. That they must meet in order to be part of the audience network community. This in principle gives you extra confidence as an advertiser. Since it gives you the assurance that your ads will only be shown on quality sites. In addition, you have the option to exclude apps or websites that do not fit your advertising. In the case of websites.

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Define your goals with Audience Network

Define your goals with audience network currently, audience Mobile Numbers network allows you to create ads according to your objective. Either: brand recognition (video only) range (video only) traffic interaction (video only) application installations video views (video only). Conversions product catalog sales locations on audience network regarding the location of the ad. You can choose: banner interstitial native audience network award winning videos audience network in-stream videos.

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