Facebook Ads bets on augmented reality ads

Augmented reality advertising on facebook ads last week, facebook ads announced that it will start serving augmented reality ads in the newsfeed . Users will be able to interact with these ads through the camera on their mobile devices. This technology is based on superimposing computer-generated images over videos or images from the real world. Two years ago, the pokémon go mobile game became a worldwide hit and introduced many users to virtual reality.

Augmented reality advertising on Facebook Ads

You may be interested in the “Advertising Chinese Europe Phone Number List on instagram and facebook” course , where you will learn the keys to creating the best campaigns, optimizing them successfully and achieving the results you have set for yourself. Until now, snapchat was the leader in augmented reality ads , thanks to the possibility of sponsoring the filters or lenses that users can incorporate into their photos and videos. Many brands took advantage of this opportunity to create fun interactive applications, for example, a game in which users had to hunt macaroni with their mouths.

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Facebook has followed in the footsteps of snapchat Mobile Numbers since it also incorporated the stories format with great success, particularly on instagram. Apple is also taking steps to incorporate ar into its products, as it is encouraging developers to create specific augmented reality content using its arkit. The first brands have already started testing augmented reality on facebook ; for example, michael kors ads allow users to virtually try on sunglasses. Other brands such as sephora.

In the words of ty ahmad-taylor, vice president of product marketing at facebook, “People expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience wherever they shop, whether it’s on their phones or in the store. That’s why video is going to play a role.” in mobile shopping experiences. In fact, we’re already seeing video as the preferred medium for mobile product discovery.

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