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Even though it was fear that the formation of intergenerational work teams would be a complex task, experience shows that the sum of different visions and competencies gives good results. Intergenerational workers: more than a problem, a great opportunity The classification of people according to age patterns has always exist among human beings. From the simple fact of, at a family gathering, grouping adults on one side and young people on the other, to the sometimes arbitrary social customs, which establish what should be worn according to age, age is usually a reference of the conventions.

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However, in recent times we have been witnessing notable changes, and one of the most impactful changes is probably that of work teams in organizations . In simple terms, we live in a time in which up to four generations converge in the workplace (baby boomers, generation b2b leads time they have had to live. As can be assum, this is a complex convergence that in its initial stages did not prict the best results. Let’s take into account, for example, what digital natives such as millennials and centennials think about technology with respect to the attitude that those who are part of generation It is forever, to the extreme of the vision of “making a career” with which baby boomers began to work in a company.

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Irreconcilable positions? Apparently so, but the efforts of leaders to assemble complementary teams, with members whose different abilities do not constitute an obstacle but rather an advantage in favor of competitiveness, is bearing fruit . Intergenerational workers: more than a problem, a great opportunity An article from the Dinero portal states that Mobile Numbers while until a few years ago the philosophy of companies focus on aspects such as profitability, productivity and return on investment, in line with the prominant purpose of the businesses that were manag then, currently there is a focus on contributions to the community, shar social time, social responsibility and care for the environment , issues that are priorities for young generations.

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