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Data processd for other purposes, if additional consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes is not given when registering an account in the system or submitting an order form on -line without creating an account). However, if consent is the only and necessary legal basis. in the case of subscribing to a newsletter containing commercial information sent by e-mail), check whether the system provides the possibility of “blocking” data entry in the absence of this consent (otherwise you will collect e-mail addresses e-mail not supportd by an appropriate legal basis.

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Perhaps you use the double opt-in option. confirming consent? If so, pay attention to what happens to the data in the absence of phone number list confirmation of such consent. Are they deletd automatically or manually? At what intervals? In the process of data processing… Collecting consent and properly managing it is the beginning of the road to success. During data processing, many circumstances may arise that will require data processing to be designd in such a way as to face them.

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Company details, registerd office address, NIP number, KRS umber, contact details. Next, we should list the type. And scope of Mobile Numbers services that we. Provide via an online store or website the sale of goods, sending a newsletter, contact form. The possibility of setting up an account, etc. In addition to technical issues, it is also important to inform the users of the store about all their rights relatd to the conclusion and termination of the contract for the provision of electronic services. It is also necessary to inform the consumer about the right to withdraw from.

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